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Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions come in various lengths and styles and fullness.  The extensions are hair-like and are attached to the base of the natural lash hair while not touching the skin.  They add fullness, length and curl to help enhance your eyes.  They can be dramatic or very subtle and natural.  You can avoid the messy, caked on or runny mascara by having lash extensions and look great all times of the day with very little or no effort.  Natural lashes do shed naturally and for various factors and for this reason, the need for a fill.  As your natural lashes goes through the shedding cycle (old, mature lashes falls out, new lashes grow in to replace them), they take the extensions with them and will leave gaps and unevenness.  To keep them look their best and full, a fill is needed every 2-3 weeks, 2 weeks being the optimum time to do so.  Request an appointment by clicking here.

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