Gel Dryer

UV Gel Nails

UV gel nails can be sculpted with forms or a plastic tip glued on for length.  A layer of gel is applied on top of the nail beds and cured (hardened) by the use of a UV lamp.  Once hardened, it is then filed and shaped to your desire.  

I have many colors to choose from and there is no heavy odors.  It enhances the look of your hands, provides a layer of strength and helps to minimize nail biting.  Fills or rebalances are encouraged for every 2-3 weeks where the new growth gets new gel to fill in that area, where the old color or design is removed and replaced with something else.  As the gel product grows out with the natural nail, it moves along with the nail.  This prevents lifting, breakages and damages to the nail bed when the fill is done on time.  

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