Contact and Policy

Citadel Beauty Room

141 Citadel Hills Circle NW

Calgary, Alberta

(403) 999-2668


Monday - Friday

10am - 8:30pm

Specializing in:  IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation, Eyelash Extensions, Laser Hair Removal and more!


I am by appointment only, texting is the fastest way to reach me.  I am booking 2-3 weeks out, please book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.  

Groupon users:

Limit of only one Groupon per person for first time visitors, regular prices after first visit.  I reserve the right to decline subsequent Groupons.  Groupon allows you to try out one service for a really great price point on your first visit.  Groupon is a great advertising tool to connect with new clients but at a great income loss to the merchant.  If you enjoyed your time here and the results, please come back as a regular paying client for your next visits.  If you purchased more than one Groupon, please ask Groupon for a refund as I will not accept further Groupons after your first visit.

A picture text or email of the Groupon voucher is required to secure your spot.  It will be redeemed when you show up for your appointment or if you happen to be a NO SHOW to make up for loss income.

Please be flexible as appointments will be for mornings and day time upon availability. 

If you are a new client and you would like to buy directly from me at the same price as Groupon, you can reach me at 403-999-2668 (call or text, texting will get a faster response).  Thanks.


I have a no children policy.  Firstly, it's your time for yourself.  Secondly, I have expensive equipment and chemicals dangerous to children.  Thirdly, from experience they get bored and in most cases won't sit still. 

I would like to put my total focus on your treatment and not be distracted.  


Please be on time so not to hold up other clients.  I will rebook you if there isn't enough time to carry out your service(s) properly if you are late.


If you need to reschedule, please give me at least 24 hours notice so not to incur penalty.  Not contacting and not showing will be considered a NO SHOW and the full amount of the service booked must be paid before scheduling another appointment.  If you are sick, please rebook for when you are well again.  I reserve the right to rebook you if you appear very sick.

Payment Methods:

I accept cash and e-transfers.